Become a Private Money Lender And…

  • Generate passive income
  • Leverage our experience and market knowledge
  • Earn a firm percentage from your investment

We are a team, who has many successful projects under our belt and we are excited to invite you to participate in our projects by becoming a private money lender.

As a private money lender in the real estate market, you will have a specific percentage of earnings from your investment. Plus, if for any reason the project (e.g. house flip) takes longer than expected, you will be compensated a bonus. 

How much to invest?

Minimum of 25K is required to invest to start your journey with us – that’s it!

Parkview Terrace Project

Herman Ave. Project

Ibis St. Project

Kismet Rd. Project

OR…Know someone, who is interested in becoming a private money lender?

Get a 1-2% Referral fee by referring others to us (1% for 25K-300K and 2% for 300K to 500K).

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